Why use designers for innovation and design of services?


Design is a discipline we use and apply to services and their communication. Communications teams and departments have trained staff from many different academic and consultancy backgrounds with managerial and business skills. So why look further? I would guess that not many companies or public sector organisations would think to include a designer to facilitate a problem solving process.

As experienced designers of visual communications, our work is only deemed successful if the end result works for its users. We gather information, get the facts straight, work through scenarios, apply design solutions to numerous situations and redefine, redesign and test it. The trick is to always keep the consumer at the forefront of design decisions and bring the shareholders and business plans to work in parallel with those choices.

You might say, “Oh, you are just designers, I don’t need a brand or a logo, or a website thank you. There are bigger issues to solve in my business!” Exactly.

We can help solve those bigger issues. Could we suggest that you see beyond the end result of what we typically produce and look at how it’s achieved, can you see how our design thinking can help your scenario? How can we innovate around problems and situations? We use design and creative thinking every day.

So how does a designer fit the bill? Insight designers bring a wealth of tools and experience to any subject, product or service. Our inbuilt skill set at Rose-Innes Designs means that communication to the right audience is at the forefront of what we are programmed to do. That’s coupled with a creative mindset — comfortable to step outside the box, consider new methods and techniques, adapt the mentality of ‘what if‘ and ‘lets try it‘. If this sounds too ‘fluffy‘ for you, then rest assured that we have more in our minds than blue sky!

The business case
We believe that our design skills can make all the difference to your business. The difficulty often lies with the perception of what we can actually achieve in a realistic and complex business scenario. We have proved that it does work, see our case studies. Good services are paramount to business function so we concentrate and explore that. What can we do with your service offer? We can study its effectiveness, integrity, price and marketing. We can asses what current, potential and even future users of your business could look like. These assessments don’t exist alone, but are aligned with business strategy and placed in the context of direction for growth.

Your service users will hold important keys, it’s more than fluffy clouds that can reveal the complexities of why people do what they do. As insight designers we can help to define the users and refine the interactions they have with your service. For example, we can innovate ideas around how to get more customers through your door, what makes them choose you, what you can do that is different. Capturing and retaining customers is your business. It’s our business to make this happen.

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