Who are we?

We are designers for services, putting it simply — we use a range of tools and techniques to allow you to experience and analyse your service from your customer point of view. Fundamentally, our aim is to represent the voice of your customer, patient and service user and place their experience of it into the core of your business. The aim of our approach, our tools and techniques, can result in wise business choices for taking products and services forward. We are looking to help you with improvement and innovation for your business and services.


We are also an innovative and creative design studio team. We are passionate about designing efficient and innovative services, brands and marketing that is led by a demand or requirement from your customer point of view and informed by your business choices.

Need to talk through a project and need our help? Email or call us 029 2120 2250

We facilitate a variety of service design projects for our customers — that compliment and strengthen their marketing. But as well, we take on independent commissions, this sometimes leads to seminars workshops for private business and public services.

We are privileged to be a member of The 90, a service design program led by Design Wales, which we have been actively involved with to learn and develop our skills.