Statistical research

We are often asked if we can provide statistical research, which is of utmost important in some cases. However, the emphasis of our research is not as much statistically led, but rather by what people think / feel / how they react. We are concerned with what makes them purchase, or return to a service, and how that knowledge can help us to redesign part of a process. The approach is down to earth and practical, and informed by business choices. We aim to capture view points and phrases people say, the studies are informed by real people that use the service, workshops, interviews and public opinion. It is not the art of the statistician!

Our team and consultants can provide you with sets of consumer led information that can broadly be termed as feasibility studies. Some of the collateral pieces we have delivered can be seen in the section on Service Testing Methods.

A feasibilty study from us could help you to find your answers. Email or call us 029 2120 2250