Simple Services = Brand Loyalty

Don’t dazzle your users with too much choice.

Here’s a conversation played out by services and their users all over:

Service: Here is our service
Users: Hello service, we want something from you.

Service: Here is our service… taddaaahhh!
Users: Oh, what, where, when and how?

Service: You go here, and there, you find a form, you log in and look around, you wander around until you find what you want. You can ask here, or click there, you can find out all about everything you want.
Users: We just want the information clear and simple.

Service: Clear and simple? But there is so much we can offer.
Users: Uh no, just clearly tell us what’s what.

Service: Well that means we have to change the way we do things.
Users: Um yes please. Did you know I would pay you 6% more for a simplified experience?

Service: Really?
Users: Really. Read the Global Brand Simplicity Index

Making your service and brand offering simple, could encourage customer loyalty and see those customers return.

Our example: A Financial Company
(Featuring a fairground of choices and investment opportunities!)

This company sells lots of services and there is many different ways that people can access those products and services. A workshop planning session revealed that the nature of the growth of the business had meant that their products were becoming more interesting, beneficial and worthy of marketing. We needed to design their website to accommodate new developments and a brand strategy that would deliver a return on their investment.

We observed the following, from the user perspective:

  • The products on offer, were looking more complicated to understand
  • The application procedure was difficult to navigate
  • Processes were long and the user didn’t know where they were in the process
  • Their brand was becoming weaker and more diluted as a result

Presently, their website users are given so much choice that they become quickly lost and confused. The business begins to look like a fairground — the noises, the smells, the activity, the risks, the excitement — but then the confusion and choice becomes too much to deal with. The users, become wary and back off. No conversion; no sale.

Do services that give us too much choice, fail to keep our attention? We might not choose anything, and we wouldn’t have had the positive experience that makes us want to go back and try again. Products and brands that are honest, clear and simple in their service offering are more attractive to us all. The comprehensive research from siegel+gale and their approach called ‘Simplicity’ has illustrated that there is truth in the claims that consumers are willing to pay a bit more if it means the service is simple.

We are working with our client to create a simple, easy to navigate, one brand message marketing campaign. The temptation is to always add on another detail, mention another service, pop in another product. We have to keep pulling the brand back down to the core, keeping the focus and reminding ourselves that simple is best.

Plea from the service user: Please. We just want the information, clear and simple.

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