Service testing methods

These are summary overviews of some of the methods and tools we use to break down complex services that have a variery of users. We use them to gain a true and real insight into how they use services. They are not so much statistically driven but true ‘insight’ driven. These tools can work independently, but we often propose a collaboration of methods to draw down quality information and viewpoints. The complexity of the problems and business scenarios determine which, where and to whom we test services. There is a tool we can use and adapt for almost any situation which will be reliant on determining clear objectives, numbers, geography, people types, type of questions asked and where and what context the data will be used. It’s very exciting when you see the final outputs and you can draw conclusions to the research done and how it can affect your business choices/decisions.

We may be able to suggest different tools or techniques suited to your business.
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Service Safari
Service Safaris

We explore the competitive marketplace and examine in detail what your competitors are doing. We’ll do comprehensive research, we search, examine, gather information and learn from the techniques and strategies of what other companies do. We can use that information to inform decisions and choices to giving you an innovative usp. We used this tool recently, and it proved hugely significant in the process for a high street bank to see what was successful and not so successful in their competitive market. This feasibility study was key to their plan for investment as a part of a larger business plan.

Innovation Workshops

We might suggest that you bring people together from your organization to look at complex problems or area of business that needs improvement. You may have a new business idea and want to work through a model to explore its feasibility and potential markets. You’ll come from it inspired and with a clear idea of the return on investment, plus a reasonable action plan to take an idea forward. We have used workshops to set the scope for a project, brainstorm ideas, plan a business service, work through service touchpoints and plan business models. Time invested in innovation workshops could mean a new direction or  a new business entirely.

Customer persona cards

Persona Card Sets

When you have a range of service users, its difficult to keep them all in mind when designing your service, and planning for business. In essence, we capture a set of generic or particular personalities, that represent your service users. They are tailored with illustrations of typically what they look like, how they use your business and have information such as age, income, expenditure, their viewpoints, even things like what paper they read and where they go on holidays. The idea is to create snapshots or ‘personas’ and use these in scenarios to work through improvement and innovation in service. The cost benefits are obvious, a persona card set can mean you can save costs on consumer testing in certain scenarios. It could save you from making wrong business choices.

Customer Journey Walk Through

We do these for both the over all service and also spatial dimension walkthroughs, we will plot out a user journey map. We look at what the customer is seeing, feeling and where they are going at every stage, where they are interacting with the brand and service and what are positives and negatives in pre, present and post services. Watch this space for examples that we can share. Currently we are restricted by the confidential nature of the projects.

Touch Point Workshops

We explore how, what and where the customer interacts with your service at every level. From the initial contact of a phone call, through to the sale and delivery and follow up, they are touching with your service before, during and after. Where can you make a difference, improve, streamline that service. Our experience has shown that even a small amount of time invested here can reap benefits through delivery of more cost effective brand and marketing strategies.

Service Testing

We use groups or individuals to test your service and provide you with important feedback. We use various ways and methods to achieve this depending on the service and coverage.


Vox Pop Video

We can uncover what the people on the street are saying about your service and gauge their reaction to new ideas. This is a practical way to gather public opinion, to seeing what people really think of your service, and even listen to their suggestions for improvement.

Staff insights

Insight Books ( staff perspectives )

Your staff could hold the key to your business and its service success. We can provide you a set of valuable positive and negative insights, and some bright ideas, through a series of interviews and or workshops with the people that count in making suggestions that help to make a difference. In our experience the staff of a certain company we worked with, came up with the ideas that were to inspire a large marketing campaign.

Welsh language Communication

What part of your service needs to be in Welsh language and what needs to be English, what needs to be bilingual and why? This is often a complex and difficult subject that is best explored fully with users and advisory bodies such as the Welsh Language Board, now a part of the Welsh Assembly. We can provide a people centred feasibility study to inform your decisions.