Insane and Inspiring!

Chris Moss (FAMOSS) speaks at Cardiff Business School

Chris Moss (FAMOSS) speaks at Cardiff Business School on Innovation: Why insane ideas change the world.

This is a man who has ‘always done things differently’. He spoke about insane ideas in business, and how important they are to innovation. He exposed the fact that many companies don’t want to take too much risk, they would rather follow the crowd when it comes to how their business works. Chris built those brands that stand out with a difference, and he championed the cause for giving better service throughout those businesses, by changing how their service meets the needs of its customers.

Chris has an impressive background of building innovative ideas into multi-billion pound brands such as Virgin Atlantic, Orange and 118 118. We heard how his ideas (successes and failures) inspired a new way of building business. During his time at Orange, he explained that being last to market can actually give you an advantage, as it’s then that you can see clearly what your competitors have already done! Then you can position your brand as ‘first to market’ in a new and innovative bracket. Who else could get a telecoms company name like Orange approved and passed by the board of directors who felt a mobile phone network had to have the word ‘phone’ or ‘tel’ in the name? Chris explained,

“Never take no for an answer; always take it as a request for more information.”

He also challenged Orange’s billing team to bill per second (rather than round up to the nearest minute) as it was much more beneficial to the customer. We thank you Chris!

Chris encouraged us…

“Be brave. Innovation dies when you don’t put customers front and centre.”

We concur, and its also a part of our approach for Insights to put the customer at the start of all innovation. Chris explained how he was frequently met with “you can’t do that!”, to which he would come back with tweaked ideas or workarounds.

What did we learn from listening to Chris Moss?

There are many stumbling blocks to getting “that insane idea” green lighted, don’t take no for an answer, but tweak your ideas and ask for more information. We deal with many businesses and can see the potential to introduce something innovative within their brand, by looking at the needs of your users. I think we need to be braver!

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