Earlier this year, I met up for a chat with Sarah Lethbridge, of Cardiff University‘s professional development department. Discovering a like-mindedness about the subject of service design, I shared with her an outline of our projects that have been helping business with innovation and user centric market research.

Sarah invited me become an associate of Cardiff Business School – which presented an opportunity to give a seminar about some of the tools and methods we use to uncover what customers really think and how they use services. This is going to take the form of part seminar, part workshop on the 9th July.

I’m looking forward to meeting with the companies that sign up, I’ll be sharing a lot of my experience and knowledge that I’m sure will be valuable to them. Marketing types might find this really useful and inspirational to take back to their own businesses. A small business owner that needs to target a specific market will be able to use some of the tools themselves, and sales staff can be gain a different perspective on the ways their customers act, think, do and purchase.

Follow this link to sign up – its completely free!

See you there hopefully.

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