An Investment Business

This business has been established for many years, previously independent, they have now moved towards pension and investment vehicles for SIPPs. In our design agency capacity we have helped them with marketing materials and websites. With a strong entrepreneurial spirit driving the business there are often exciting new developments and there is plenty of scope for innovation. Our emphasis is to continually provide them with the cost effective ways to inspire and help them on their journey.

The financial sector is in a constant state of change with updates on legislation being the norm; a business that has to move and allow fluidity all the time can be a challenging one. We are tasked with continually making the product and experience work together as a united front that can generate the most revenue and still be manageable through back office processes.

A workshop to plot the business and its services

We did a mini-tour of how their customers find them, their way through the different financial products they offer and the processes involved. Staff and shareholders were involved and contributed useful and practical ideas. We were also able to brainstorm a new brand name for a service which promotes a free pension report.

So what did we achieve through the workshop?

  • Understanding of business processes and how they work
  • Innovative ideas around new ways of generating customer interest
  • Established behind-the-service interactions
  • Defined brand values
  • Assessed the resources for marketing
  • Planned marketing actions
  • Website wireframing

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