A UK High Street Bank

To invest or not to invest! This bank needed to try out a concept before a significant spend (a spend which played a big part in their brand development). Firstly, we wanted to find out whether their concept was a viable business solution and what public perception would be of this change in certain areas of banking. So we proposed an approach, that used our expertise with service design tools that brought the public, their customers, staff and competitors right bang into the centre of the decision making process.

Before any firm solutions emerged, and before stakeholders were to convinced of the return on investment for this concept, we entered a phased period of discovery spanning two months. This phase was information gathering on many levels, it was about the feasibilty, the depth and span of a significant change in the brand. Our workshops and tools, studied people’s perceptions, expectations and user interactions with a service, it was ground level, on the street, in the back office departments and in the board room. We were to supply the evidence, a plan, and innovative ideas (customer focused) that were to bring senior management to decide on the next phase of investment.

The feasibility tools presented a case that was unbiased and open for a judgement call to proceed with the working through of the concept. The concept design was to take shape in our design studio over the period of three months. The proposed and final design solutions had real substance, not only did they fit, look right and work from many perspectives, they also had the backing of our user – centred feasibility studies. Design solutions were passed over to internal departments to deliver and implement over the next 12 months.

  • Commission: An innovative design project for implementing the brand in branches and marketing.
  • Our approach: Feasibility studies followed by development and design solutions.
  • Deliverables: A series of practical tools and workshops to inform choices, build confidence, prove the worth and return on investment for the design phase.
  • Result: A set of innovative design proposals for branch interiors and marketing materials. These are currently being taken forward for implementation by the in-house design teams.

It was our approach to this type of design requirement, that made all the difference to an investment in producing successful design proposals and confidence in a large scale roll out of a brand development. Using service design tools, techniques and workshops, we were able to bring the voice of customers, staff and general public into the equation. We needed our design decisions to be informed by existing and potential service users, which we did through presenting; Vox Pop videos; Staff Insights; Persona Cards and a comprehensive Service Safari. The emphasis was on the qualitative research, not so much the quantative statistics. This gave us the real depth of insight to make decisions and the right design proposals.

If you have complexities in your business that need qualitative research and innovative problem solving we could help.
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