What’s it all about?


“Only one company can be the cheapest, the others have to use design.”
Rodney Fitch, Chairman. Fitch & Co

So, what is service design and innovation all about? It’s about keeping your customers engaged and the value that your service has within your business. It’s a switch of mindset from a traditional business approach that stems from just supplying a product to market, to that of an innovative mindset where the pre, post and present service can keep your customers coming back and satisfied. A good look at service, whether it be what your offer contains, or how its communicated through the brand or how it is operated and maintained through your company. Service designers and their tools and processes, are tasked to  increase turnover, maintain healthy sustained profits and open potential new markets.

Not just diagrams and post it notes on a white board with everyone in for an ‘outside the box’ workshop! Our approach is to to delve in and investigate the complexities of how a business operates, we may challenge existing systems that are the ‘way it’s always been’. We investigate what would be the return on investment if we did things differently. For example: with the popularity in the use of iPad apps, it may the be a seemingly obvious choice to develop and grow a line of service. You would hope that your investment in this design solution would capture and retain your target audience and be an appropriate service tool. But before you dive in — minimise your risk! We can help you plot your services and the customer interactions, prototype and test it first. We can assess the market analyze the users; the what, where, how and returns it will actually bring. We have the tools and skill set to help.

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There are many things that encompass what we do, but in the main, we are concerned with the services that a business or public service provides. We raise the question — is there a better way that your customers could interact with your service? What are the touch points that they interact with and what are they experiencing as they become your service users? What makes them come back to you? We believe that this knowledge coupled with innovation, can inform business decisions and choices for improvement and successful outcomes.

The National Audit Office has described innovation as:

…‘having new ideas, developing the best ones, and implementing them in such a way that there is a good chance they will improve the ways your organisation operates or performs’…